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Philosophy of Sandcastle Child Care and Preschool Center

"Let the children come to me. Then He took the children in His arms, placed His hands on each of them and blessed them." Mark 10: 14 -16

  We believe each child needs:
    to be
      to belong
        to achieve
          to revere
            to discover
              to love and to be loved
in order to establish a good self-image.
  We believe in helping a child grow:

Sandcastle Child Care is a Christian-oriented center where basic Christian and social values are experienced. Children from all races, creeds and religions are welcome to register. The teachers and staff selected to teach and work with your children are committed to our Christian philosophy. Harsh or threatening methods of discipline do not comply to our belief in teaching positive self-concepts. Each child is welcomed as an individual and we will attempt to meet his/her special needs. We make every effort to keep parents informed through notes on the Parent's Bulletin Board, monthly newsletter, notes to parents, and parent conferences. The center's program plans are avalable to parents. If at any time you feel your needs or the needs of your child are not met, please inform us. We want your child's stay with us to be a happy and pleasant learning experience.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit and to interact with their child during the hours the center is in operation.